Coming Together for our Kids

A Response from Jim Clark, President & CEO, BGCA

Like many parents, I saw a sense of anxiety in my two sons when we sat down to dinner last night. And like most parents, I felt my own anxiety this morning as I imagined them walking into a school that may be just another local school today, but could be surrounded by international media tomorrow. It’s morbid to let those thoughts enter your mind, but as we enter 2018 with school shootings already in the double digits, well…your mind goes there.


I write these thoughts first as a father, but also as the head of an organization whose mission is to guide, grow and protect kids on their paths to adulthood. I can’t stand back as an observer to offer only my own concern and condolences to victims and their families.

This horrific act of violence in Broward County, Florida—and the resulting news cycle of shock, mourning, anger, numbness and then, in a sickening way, normalcy—this all has to stop.

Boys & Girls Clubs, along with our peer organizations that serve millions of America’s youth, have long played a prominent role in developing our kids into productive adults. Our services can go a long way to prevent an at-risk kid from going down a path that could lead to such an unspeakable act as what occurred yesterday.

Today, in our thousands of Clubs nationwide, we are reemphasizing our strict safety measures, including a six-step safety plan, as well as providing counsel to kids, who are understandably confused and scared. But we don’t pretend we can do it alone. Protection and prevention can only happen when a community comes together with a unified voice.

As a next step, I will be reaching out to my peers at other youth-serving organizations to convene a meeting to immediately begin addressing not just a collective opinion on the issues leading to violence, but specific actions we can take together to propose, influence and implement programs and policies to ensure that the kids we care for—and our own kids—can live without fear and in safety. And just be kids.


Jim Clark, President & CEO,

Boys & Girls Clubs of America

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